Who would Thelma be without Louise, Fred without Ginger or Romeo without Juliette?
And what would research be without everyone’s support?

Fiocco Rosa Airc

There are stories which would lose their meaning and won’t even exist without one of their protagonists.
As well as in your story with AIRC, your presence and support is essential to write the future of scientific research.

This is why AIRC promotes its Pink Ribbon Campaign, to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of research progress to find new treatments.

This is not a full translation of the whole website.
For further info in English about the Campagna Nastro Rosa (Pink Ribbon Campaign) and AIRC please contact: partnership@airc.it

what we do

AIRC is the largest independent funder of cancer research in Italy. Since 1965, AIRC have been supporting the progress of the most innovative research through fundraising, disseminating accurate information on the results achieved, as well as on prevention and therapeutic prospects.

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